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Rental & Technical Information


Rental rates and all other charges have been developed with the intent of providing fair and reasonable expenses for events in the Forum. Precise facility rental rates are available upon request; all rates and charges are subject to change at the sole discretion of the UIC Forum. All rental rates refer to the rental of the building and do not include the cost of labor and equipment. An itemized estimate will be provided for each event. As every event is unique, please call for a rental quote.


Booking Procedures

A date is not considered confirmed until a signed contract and required deposit are returned to the building. If another tenant should request the same date(s), the tenant will be required to execute a contractual agreement and submit the required deposit within 48 hours of notification or within a time as specified. If the contract and deposit are not received within that specified time, the date(s) will be released.


Deposit Requirements and Procedures

The University requires that all payments for rental fees and expenses be submitted to the Forum before the event. If space is reserved less than thirty days prior to the event, a deposit of 100% of the base rent is required upon signing the contract. For events with assigned dates less than one year and more than thirty days prior to the event, a 50% deposit is due upon signing the contract and the balance is due 30 days prior. For events with assigned dates one year or more in advance, a 25% deposit is due upon the signing of the contract.



The University provides exclusive food vending to the public for all events.



The UIC Forum reserves the right to determine security staffing for all events.


Event Advertising

No announcements of any kind about the event shall be made until the contract is signed and returned with the appropriate deposit to the Forum.


Insurance Requirements – Link to PDF
UIC Application for Space


Forum Main Hall & Meeting Rooms

All rooms in The UIC Forum are equipped with distributed and zoned public address audio, projection in each sub-section of the room, dimmable lighting, and wall and floor connections to power, voice, data, video distribution, and independent networking. The UIC Forum is a full service venue. For additional building or equipment information please contact 312-413-9875.


Rental Space Dimensions

Spaces Floor Dimensions Square Footage Theatre Dining Location
A-B-C 120'w x 180'l 22‚000 2‚500 1‚500 Main Hall
A-B 120'w x 180'l 15‚100 1‚800 800 Main Hall
C 120'w x 180'l 7‚900 600 300 Main Hall
D-E-F or G-H-I 42'w x 86'l 3‚600 400 250 (1st & 2nd Flr)
D-E‚ E-F‚ G-H or H-I 42'w x 86'l 2‚330 300 150 (1st & 2nd Flr)
D‚ E‚ F‚ G‚ H or I 42'w x 86'l 1‚165 126 70 (1st & 2nd Flr)



The UIC Forum owns full staging‚ barricade and stairs.
Staging Platforms (6’x8’x16”)
Staging Platforms (6’x8’x8”)
Stage Barricade (4’x 8’ units)


Event Facilities

Star Dressing Rooms (2)
Green Room (1)
Dressing Rooms (2)


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