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Building Policies

Statement and Payment Policy

All charges due to the UIC Forum are payable upon demand. Any balances over thirty days will be charged a two percent monthly finance charge until payment is received. The UIC Forum will pay promoter ticket master receipts in a timely manner after the conclusion of the event.



The UIC Forum will produce a Box Office statement and settlement of all monies owed upon closing the Box Office at the end of the event.


Event Requirement and Staffing

The UIC Forum will provide all ushers‚ T-shirt security‚ police services‚ ticket takers and all other event staff employees. The event staffing level will be set after evaluation of the proposed event and anticipation of attendance.


Marketing Services

The UIC Forum can assist you with numerous details involved to successfully market your event. The UIC Forum can provide for the production and placement of print and electronic advertising for a negotiated fee (based on time‚ labor‚ and expenses). The UIC Forum can also assist with public relations.



NO pyro shall be used in any part of the UIC Forum.


Cellular phones and pagers

Cell phones and pagers are permitted‚ provided they do not interfere with the event or other guest’s enjoyment of the event.


Police and Security

The UIC Forum reserves the right to determine security staffing for all events.


Smoking Policy

The UIC Forum is a smoke free building. Designated smoking areas are located outside the building.


Telephone/Internet Service

The UIC Forum provides telephone and internet services. Please inform your Event Coordinator of any service requirements as soon as possible.


Cable Television

Cable TV can be provided to any location inside the UIC Forum. The UIC Forum is equipped with a state of the art distribution system.


Wireless System

Wireless systems are available throughout the UIC Forum.


Food and Beverages

Guests are not permitted to bring any outside food or beverages into the UIC Forum. Containers including bottles‚ cans‚ thermos bottles‚ and plastic coolers are not permitted for the safety and protection of our guests.



In the interest of guest safety and enjoyment‚ the UIC Forum reserves the right to prevent certain items from being carried into the building. These include‚ but are not limited to‚ weapons or anything else that can be used as dangerous projectiles. Similarly‚ other items that might jeopardize the safety or viewing/listening enjoyment of the guests may be prohibited.


Visitors with Service Animals

Trained guide dogs or service animals assisting visitors with disabilities are permitted inside the Forum.


Lost and Found

All lost items are brought to Guest Services. The item is tagged with the location found‚ along with the date. After an event‚ lost items may be picked up at the Administrative Office.



Cameras /recording device policy vary per event. Please contact us for more information.


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