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Technical Information

Floor Dimensions

Main Hall 120’w x 180’l 34’h
Meeting Room (first floor) 42’w x 86’ l
Meeting Room (second floor) 42’w x 86’l



The UIC Forum owns full staging‚ barricade and stairs.

Staging Platforms (6’x8’x16”)
Staging Platforms (6’x8’x8”)
Stage Barricade (4’x 8’ units)


Event Facilities

Star Dressing Rooms (2)
Green Room (1)
Dressing Rooms (2)


Seating Capacities

Spaces Square Footage Theatre Dining Location
A-B-C 22‚000 2‚500 1‚500 Main Hall
A-B 15‚100 1‚800 800 Main Hall
C 7‚900 600 300 Main Hall
D-E-F or G-H-I 3‚600 400 250 (1st & 2nd Flr)
D-E‚ E-F‚ G-H or H-I 2‚330 300 150 (1st & 2nd Flr)
D‚ E‚ F‚ G‚ H or I 1‚165 126 70 (1st & 2nd Flr)


House Equipment

Man Lift
Fork Lift (1) 3‚000 lb. capacity


Theatrical Lighting

ETC dimming - 372 20 A dimmers‚ 12 20A relay units
ETC Congo control console
115 ETC Source 4 19 degree fixtures with HPL 575 W lamp
16 ETC Source 4 26 degree fixtures with HPL 575 W lamp
75 ETC PAR EA fixtures with variable widths lens‚ HPL 575 W lamp
6 Altman 12 cell ground Cyc wash borders lamped with 1000W quarts
10 Altman 3 cell Sky Cyc lamped with 1000W quarts
17 ETC Source 4 Revolution lamped with QXL 750‚ color scroller‚ iris
2 Strong Super Trouper long throw follow spot
2 Strong Trouperette variable focal length follow spot
12 ETC D40 Up Lighting
2 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe Lights
26 Elation Arena LED Pars (Meeting Room B [4 Pars] Meeting Room C [22 Pars] ONLY)


Performance Audio

Mixing Console – Allen and Health GL 3800 – 48X8X2
Speakers – Renkus-Heinz STXLA/9 units in 4 arrays
Amps – Crown
Monitor Mixing – Soundcraft 24X8
Monitors – Mackie SRM450
Ashly PQX 572 parametric EQ
dbx compressor/limiters
Lexicon PCM81 effects processors
Shure Microphones 87/57



Clear-Com intercom system



Christie Digital 20‚000 lumen projector – 22’ x 30’ image
Christie Digital 10‚000 lumen projector – 16” x 22” image


Forum Breakout Rooms

Rooms are equipped with distributed and zoned public address audio‚ projection in each sub-section of the room‚ dimmable lighting‚ and wall and floor connections to power‚ voice‚ data‚ video distribution‚ and independent networking.


Additional Equipment

10’ X 14’ portable front/read projection screens‚ assisted listening system‚ NEC document camera‚ and assorted wired and wireless microphone systems. Forum is equipped with wall and floor pockets for connection to power, voice, data, video and audio distribution, and independent networking.


Additional information

The UIC Forum is a full service venue. For additional building or equipment information please contact 312-413-9875.


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