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Official Challenge Policy

A second promoter may challenge the first producer’s existing hold by submitting a non-refundable deposit in the amount of half of the minimum rent. The first promoter with the hold will be given 48 hours in which to confirm or release the date. If the first producer fails to respond to the challenge the date will be automatically released by the Forum after 48 hours. If the challenger obtains the first hold‚ the deposit will be applied toward the rent. If the challenger obtains the date but fails to use it‚ he or she forfeits the deposit.

The official agreement for use of the Forum space(s) shall be issued by the University upon the Forum’s acceptance of the client’s application and shall not be considered confirmed until the Forum receives two copies of the signed agreement‚ the initial certified deposit‚ and insurance certificate in the amount of one million dollars (listing the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois as additional named insured).

Final settlement of costs shall be no later than ten (10) working days after the last event. Box office receipts will not be available on the night of the show. All payments to union labor and artists the night of and event are the responsibility of the promoter. Box Office receipts can not be used.
The University shall at all time maintain control and direction of the ticket office. All tickets shall be ordered or printed‚ controlled and distributed by the Pavilion ticket office. Tickets to all University events are available through the Forum box office and Ticketmaster outlets and phone centers. Appropriate Ticketmaster service charges will be applied to each ticket.
Promoter agrees that until an agreement (contract) has been executed‚ including all riders‚ no tickets may be sold and no public announcement or advertisement concerning the show may be made.
The University retains the right to determine when‚ in its sole discretion‚ ticket refunds for cause are justified and shall establish policies to effectuate such decisions.
The University retains the right to approve performances‚ exhibitions‚ or entertainment to be offered and may cease any and all activity based on written objections delivered to promoter based on behavior which is offensive to the University‚ or which in any way violated any advertising‚ promotion‚ or other rights reserved and protected in the executed agreement.

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